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Saturday, October 6, 2012

TGIF Today Got Iphone Five!

Today is my lucky day, manage to get Iphone 5 from Tampines Singtel Shop!! Hurray! Initially thought it was out of stock when i was at there during 7.30pm Friday, after finish my dinner, i get back to check the shop again, it is just within an hour and they have the stock!! I'm so happy that the 32GB White Iphone is AVAILABLE!! That is what i exactly want~! But other models of iphone 5 is current no stock yet. Glad that the queue wasn't long. I guess most of the people thought that it was out of stock~!

Glad that my bf and my hp contract has ended and manage to renew contract together at the same time and first time getting the same phone as well !

Previously, i was a Samsung Ace user~. This is my first iphone in my life in 2012!! Manage to sync my contacts through gmail. It was abit complicated when we are figuring out how to do this? how to do that?

Iphone 5 White (32GB)

This will be our upcoming anniversary gift! Glad that we are able to get this phone in Oct since our anniversary just nice clashes in Oct! :D  

After getting iphone 5, its our movie time!

Taken 2 Movie
Genre:Action/ Thriller

I did not watch Taken 1 before, i think Taken 2 movie is not bad, glad that i still manage to understand the storyline for Taken 2. This is an action movie, this main lead is really cool in fighting and killing people who kidnap his wife in the movie. Worth to watch it!

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