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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Crown Music Box Ktv

Sat noon, i had went to Crown Music Box(Ktv) to sing with my mum, my hubby and my friend Yvonne.

I had bought the vouchers through Deals! Its very cheap only $10 and it included 2 can drinks with $5 food voucher! 4Hrs from 2pm to 6pm. By the way i think it will be my first and last time coming to this horrible kbox...

Actually since like late April, I had purchase the vouchers and it stated that it has to be made 3 days in adv for reservation. I had tried to reserve 1 week ago.. but sad is they said.. vouchers are fully book for the day. Only can be walk in customers!! Oh no!!

I manage to do booking like kind of 3 weeks before to get it! I was afraid if i do not book yet, the voucher date will expire very fast! I requested on a Sat as its a rest day for most of us..

called them like quite few times then manage to get the date i wanted as always mention to me is Fully Book! so i ask them which date is available? and they tell me is 25 May! ok so i came on that day to claim it!

Firstly i thought its a cheap deal located at Bugis. From the appearance of the place, its nice.. but after stepping in.. its Hell!!

When we went in, we are very unhappy with their services! So badly done! These are the points stated below of

Why I Will Not Come Again!!

1) Reach earlier 1.40pm for 2pm Singing appt.. staff mention too early. say we cant go in first.. my mum told them, since we reach first couldn't we start first? They mention if start 1.30 shall end 5.30 if we agreed. I said ok because we wanted to go in the room earlier...

But they made us to wait at the reception area.. telling us to order drinks/food before we enter the room..

By the time we enter the room already 1.45pm. I told my mum if start 1.45pm. Isn't we should end at 5.45pm? My mum told the staff that now is already 1.45pm. Thought it should be counted only the time we step in the room? The staff said "If you wanted to start on time then wait till 2pm." then my mum and Ok we wait!

Wth just that few mind different cant he be flexible? He made us enter late still dont give us that 15min.. so ngiao?

2) When we entered, we didnt know they already place the can drinks on the table and was like so budget dun even have ice water for us.. Ok nvm..

3) We was disappointed with the spoilt lights.. Usually other kbox light can adjust lightning but this is totally spoil! The staff say cant change room cuz all lights are like this! Omg..

4) Sound system is on Top of the ceiling!! Wth!! we have to face the remote up to sense the sensor while selecting songs

5) While finding the singers list.. Realise quite alot singers is not in alphabetical order! Have difficulties Finding songs!

6) Alot songs not updated.. so jialat.. I thought its consider a new place should be attractive enough..

7) Bad sound system.. the staff said if we adjust the mic vol too high, our echo become heavier.. sucks la..

8) Sing till 4.55pm.. song screen suddenly shows Enjoy your Last somg! Thank you! Wa liew... our timing shld end 6pm.. and they deleted our 1 hr song list!! and btw if really end 5pm.. how can it be cut while reach 4.55pm? You expect that song sure end 5pm straight away? Staff didn't ask anything and just simply cut off!

9) While 5pm like that we all started feeling the room gt stuffy smell and realize aircon got auto adjusted lower by staff... we all feel very uneasy as the weird smell auto came out. We purposely requested the staff abt 5.50pm.. The staff told my mum, isit we ask staff to lower down the aircon? Wa lao we never ask at all.. and the staff say we going to end soon now then say.. so what? we are customers. your shop need to save so much electricity???

10) Toilet sucks as well.. its flooded.. whats the use of pasting the note flush it after use?? Sucky toilet bowls!

11) $5 food voucher was for each of us.. i expect that if 4 person can be $20 shared.. and wth they say cannot.. and you know smth? the cheapest of the food dish is $6... they stated small fries $6. large fries $10plus.. My friend wan to order large one.. the staff say dont have! only 1 size! dont have then still put on ur menu for what?

Seriously the staff over there really need have better service.. We sang till 5.55pm.. it auto cut off again.. we purposly stay inside till like 6pm+ then come out.. dont let them think we wanted to leave so soon. I believe people only go for online deals.. i wont step in this horrible place again!

My Hubby & Me
Yvonne & My mum
Me & Yvonne. (I have edited this pic as this was taken by her, kinda dark. without flash light)
Me & Yvonne
My Greedy Hubby
Eating Fries and Sing! Heee

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  1. I'm sorry you didn't have a good time. I have never been to an event like that but it actually sounds like a ton of fun. Hopefully I will be able to attend it some time.

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