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Saturday, June 1, 2013


Times flies.. now is June 2013 already.. this week decided to go to Jb for 1 day trip.. trying to save abit money by not spending SGD on weekend.. cuz my hubby n me wan to watch cheaper movies so we head to JB!

This is our first time go wat go wat h movie at JB.. we watch 2 movies marathon.. we watch The Hangover Part 4 and Epic cartoon movie.. glad that we can watch within same day as they has good timing for us to catch up.. btw i feel the movie seats quite dirty compared to Singapore! their movie seats alot dirty patches on it..I was wearing shorts.. kind of afraid it bring more bacteria to my legs.. next time i shall wear longer length.. eww. but movie tics are really cheap! 1 tic rm 13.. half price of sg.. shiok.. we bought total 4 tics at rm 54.. rm54 in sg only can buy 2 movie tics. so for movie lovers like us. is really a great savings!!

Done some shopping as well.. manage compare a few prices really not bad.. i think to explore more JB places to see what else is nice to shop n eat cheap! i shall visit JB if we gona watch cheapwr movies in cinema again!

Below are some of the food we ate.. i like the Taiwan food. the taste is really great.. sushi king so so only. its my 2nd time having it.. cuz its cheap.. but in sg. sakae sushi is still better compared to Sushi King.. just that price difference alot!

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