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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Solemnization 19.04.2013

Hi guys, its been a long time i have not updated my blog down to internet problem...

Recently been busy with lots of stuff since Jan 2013.. busy planning abt Marriage and BTO Units!

I shall share some of my photos here..

19th April 2013 is the biggest day of my life which is my Solemnization Day!

I was very excited for the day and totally nervous for everything. Since January, we have been busy looking out for Bridal shops. I had read alot in the wedding forum and gaining more knowledge abt Marriage stuff. After comparing a few bridal through friends/forum, i decided to take up Digio Bridal. I realise quite a few friends of mine also take up Digio.

Digio Bridal gave me a great impression of them. I was surprise they have 4 level of gowns (which i thought its only 1 level) as its located at Tanjung Pagar Shophouses. We manage to get the package of ROM + photoshoot + Banquet.

On my ROM day, i have to head down to Digo Bridal to do my make up & hair. I was lazy in the morning and never think of using the hair dryer to dry my hair, and it took longer time to make my hair done by MUA. I'm glad that we are not late as we were rushing down after took some time at bridal shop.

I have approach my friend to do my ROM photography services. I was told that the pics will be ready within a month. Finally i am going to collect on coming week.

After bridal make up & hairdo, we are on our way heading to ROM location.
This picture is from my friend.
I love this picture alot. Many thanks to her for creating such a loving picture.

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