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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Need more earnings $$

Just thinking about earning extra income... what can we do to earn more besides having a full time job?

I might be opening online clothing shop.. hmmm i know nothing much about it.. i need to start exploring more about it..

If doing home catering i think need alot procedure such as license kind of stuff. also need to consider about halal.. and also customer liking. seriously i know nothing much about doing a business.. i know that more or less, need to take some risk to see whether if we can earn any profit..

I know that there are many competitors out there. it might be tough at the beginning.. we shall see how we gonna improve on every little parts.. Sg living is very high.. sigh.. money forever no enough..

Sometimes i think that my life isn't gd enough.. but there is always someone might be tougher than me. i always chat with fb friends or whatsapping to know what my friends are doing..

If i really manage to be a successful entrepreneur, my hubby will let me independent handling it.. wish us good luck!!

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