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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Natural Sun AQ Super Perfect Sun Cream

Have anyone tried using this item called Super Perfect Sun Cream?

I had randomly saw this item selling at the Face Shop. Previously i was using Loreal brand.. finishing soon so its time to get new one! Its on offer right now. 10% off with member extra 5% off! I bought it at $15+!

Glad that i am a member.. but i still hardly spend things in there.. too many membership cards. haha!

This is what i find online as it says...

Natural Sun AQ (Absolute Quality), a mild sun block product line made from natural plant extracts such as rhubarb plant, argan tree seed and blue sea kale extracts. This line features groundbreaking technology melding the best of both worlds – excellent sun protection and feather light texture through the Optimum Disperse System

No frills. Great for outdoor use
Fresh and non-sticky texture. Feels light when applied on skin

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