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Monday, October 29, 2012

Superstar Virgo Cruise

Hi people, recently my home internet is down.. currently i am using library pc to update my blog.. i couldn't upload any pics using library com as its not allowed.. i guess i have to find a day to bring out my laptop to upload my pics.. kinda troublesome.. since poly sch days, i do not bring out my laptop out.. sigh... i think i need to find a laptop case as well... sigh...

Recently, i went to cruise with my mum and my bf, i went for 3d2n cruise and was back yesterday..

This is Superstar Virgo Cruise that we are heading!

We have entered this place ard 4pm+.. glad there's no rain..

Enjoying the scenary at Cabin Deck 9!

That's me! Geez!

3 of us heading to Jacuzzi pool!

There is someone name Wang Shi Xian (Taiwanese Singer & Actor). He was on this cruise as well.. while we are in jacuzzi pool. We surprise that we saw him. although we don't really know him well. haha. just gossip while swimming...

The cruise have buffet.. but we had miss our lunch on sat! its because our phone timing is different from their timing. OH NO! and the lunch is 11-2pm.. sad.. but glad there is tea time! we manage to grab some food to eat...

Actually, we did not intend to enter casino for our leisure... we afraid we might lose money.. but cruise activities is actually quite limited.. so my mum gave me $10 to play jackpot.. 3 of us playing the same machine at the same time. and last min we manage to won money! we manage to win $400! WOW! A Big Earning for us! hahaha.. we are so excited to collect the money straight away and wanted to leave the place. Just in case we might lose money. hahaha

After Jackpot, its our Happy Hours! We had free drinks, listening to some singers singing at the place..
Blue Passion & Mojito Drinks

Glad that i didn't spend a single cent on the cruise activites & meals! all meals are included!

Sunday Morning

Overall, this star cruise is an experience for us. Its quite a relaxing place.. put our work away.. just EAT & EAT! haha. we even play some boardgames that is provided in there... I hope to play jackpot if there is chances.. hope to earn more money and bring it back. hahaha

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Multi Usb Plug

Last night, i just receive my multi usb plug which i bought from Gmarket last week. I was surprise the packaging was pretty big. I thought it was smaller than i thought. I'm glad that this item is still able to fit into my letter box as i get by normal mail. Its quite cheap so i think worth to buy it. It comes with diff colours but PINK attracts me!

4 USB Plug Charger
 I feel that this product is quite good as i feel that my cables at home are just increasing. By using this, i think my charger won't be insufficient anymore since there are many devices to charge. This product works pretty well and when the switch is on, there is light on it. love it! :D

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Empire State

Its been a long time i have not been to Woodlands Causeway Point, a memory place for my poly sch days as well as my old home area. These few days, the weather seems not very good. Its always raining! It makes people coughing and flu everywhere. I'm wondering when will this weather turns better, at least not raining everyday.

We just simply rot at home playing our iphone and watching movie online, watch the movie Silent Hill. Previously, i have not watch this movie before. My bf intro me this movie and insist that this is a great movie. After watching it, finding it not bad. It will soon release Silent Hill 2 Movie in cinemas in 3D! I will concentrate to watch when i am in cinema, since cinema need to pay $$!

My bf and me decided to go Empire State to have dinner. Last time, we used to eat at Bugis Iluma outlet, but after some renovation at Iluma, Empire State restaurant is not there anymore... Personally, i like this restaurant, the food portion is quite big actually. This whole day, we only spend on 1 meal~! Big saving isn't it? hahaha!

Ice Mocha & Ice Latte

Crab Fat Pasta

Mushroom Swiss Burger

I'm wondering is it my habit of installing many different applications in my iphone. I just continue exploring as much as i can, as long as the app is FREE! I

 have installed an app in my iphone called "Vintique". It has many different effects for pictures. I just try to snap some pictures and try to edit on it. Its COOL!

Say cheese~

Love this pic :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Dinosaur Project

TGIF! Its movie time! I went to watch The Dinosaur Project today, this is an action movie but i feel that its not scary enough... I think the only best part is the last part when a man got eaten by dinosaur? hahaha. not because i like to see man got eaten, but the guy is bad.. the dinosaurs know how to differentiate good or bad humans. The dinosaurs save the boy when this bad guy is trying to kill him.

The Dinosaur Project

The Dinosaur Project Trailer

Monday, October 15, 2012

3rd Anniversary :)

Last Sat, its my 3rd Anniversary with him. we have already plan for our day :)  that day, it was a last min decision for our lunch. I decided to get online deals from All Deals Asia. I found this deal from Manhattan Pizza, initially i thought it was somehow like Manhatten Fish Market, after looking for reviews and pictures, it attracts me, although the deal didn't discount alot but worth to give a try, since its still consider cheaper than paying in the outlet.

Manhatten Pizza is located at Orchard Central B1, this is my first time trying this, if i did not look for online deals, i will not know about this place. I thought it was a restaurant but it turn out to be a fast food kind of restaurant, ordering from the counter and get your own seats.

Our deal voucher is for ala carte items only, so we are just here to aim for the pizzas, as u can see, the pizza is thin than those in Pizza Hut. I don't really like thick breads which make me feel very full easily. Glad that this place didn't cost too much as we plan abit budget :)  . Overall quite satisfied with the meal, I will come to this "fast food" place again :D

 Manhatten Pizza

Below is our 3rd year anniversary gift Iphone 5! Really enjoying installing apps and playing around with diff kind of applications. This is my first iphone in my life and really very satisfied. I feel that iphone 5 battery life is better than i thought, previous i was using Samsung Ace & the batt gones quickly. Besides that, i carry portable charger where i go, so no worries :)

Our Iphone 5 with Diary casing

For our dinner, we plan to go Carousel Buffet. I have manage to done some research online and this restaurant dishes had capture both of us. We just love fresh awesome seafood~ Although this place is quite expensive, but its worth for our big occassion :) from the pics below, u can see how much we really eat, the portion quite big as well!

Carousel Buffet Dinner

Wondering why we went to raffles place during noon time? Stay tuned... due to the weather, we failed to go! Shall wait for another day! Hehe~!

Taken at Raffles Place (Edited by Me)

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Melody

Ever since i've got my iphone, i was eager to look for my hp accessories! When i do nt hv an iphone, i will not take my time to look for all these... i have tried to find home button stickers that i want, but seems that it was not easy for me to find it.

Today, smth has caught my eyes! I BOUGHT IT!! One of my fav is My Melody!

Portable Charger

Yesterday my item from Gmarket has arrive. Someone delivered it to my house but no one is at home.. glad that he put at my door. phew.. if not it will be troublesome if wanted me to go down to post office to collect it :)  I have white portable charger for my mobile already. My bf would like to have 1 as well, so he can play his iphone for a long time without worrying the battery will gone out. This black portable charger has 12000mah!
Black Portable Charger
It comes with many heads~
After my mum know about this portable charger, she requested me to get another one for her as well.. still waiting to be delivered to my hse :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm Sick

I have a bad day for today, when i wake up, my left eye is swollen! It shock me as i see the mirror, my white eye area was swollen than tthe black eye area. All the while i have perfect eyes, i do not put on contact lens at all. I was afraid as this is my first time seeing myself in such condition.

Sclera is the white, tough wall of the eye. It along with internal fluid pressure keeps the eyes shape and protects its delicate internal parts. (This is what i found from the website)

I went to see a doctor just a moment ago, the doctor told me that it could be eye allergy. I ask the doctor if she has ever encounter such eye conditions before, she told me YES, but others happen on both of their eyes but mine is on 1 side. She told me that the reason of eye allery might be food causes such as seafood. hmmm i have no idea if the food i ate last night is poison? I ate Sushi Tei yesterday... does it affect? all the while i eat sashimi all these also never really encounter anything. Still kinda confused how can i get it?

Running Nose + Eye Drip Medicatiion from doctor

I have not been to Bedok Hawker Centre long ago.. this is my chance having my breakfast nearby the clinic.

My Breakfast :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Iphone 5 Casing

Yesterday, my bf and me went to Serangoon Nex, caught this nice iphone 5 casing! We manage to get some discounts from the seller, both of us also get the diamond screen protector :) . For the phone casing, its quite limited designs everywhere as its still a new phone. Hope there are more designs in future.. the seller said that people treat phone casing as Pets! Buy & Buy again! hahahaha. currently i have not see any nice "pet" to get yet. Might get it when i see it!

Gmarket Masks

Recently, i had bought some eye masks through Gmarket. I bought the Gold & Red Wine Masks to try it. Gmarket stuff really cheap and tempting as usual. 15 pieces for $6+! 1piece is only 40cents plus~~ ! So~~ Spending at Gmarket is a Big Savings~! HEHE! I ordered this just last week and it arrive within a week! If this is good, i will buy this again.

Gold & Red Wine Masks

Saturday, October 6, 2012

TGIF Today Got Iphone Five!

Today is my lucky day, manage to get Iphone 5 from Tampines Singtel Shop!! Hurray! Initially thought it was out of stock when i was at there during 7.30pm Friday, after finish my dinner, i get back to check the shop again, it is just within an hour and they have the stock!! I'm so happy that the 32GB White Iphone is AVAILABLE!! That is what i exactly want~! But other models of iphone 5 is current no stock yet. Glad that the queue wasn't long. I guess most of the people thought that it was out of stock~!

Glad that my bf and my hp contract has ended and manage to renew contract together at the same time and first time getting the same phone as well !

Previously, i was a Samsung Ace user~. This is my first iphone in my life in 2012!! Manage to sync my contacts through gmail. It was abit complicated when we are figuring out how to do this? how to do that?

Iphone 5 White (32GB)

This will be our upcoming anniversary gift! Glad that we are able to get this phone in Oct since our anniversary just nice clashes in Oct! :D  

After getting iphone 5, its our movie time!

Taken 2 Movie
Genre:Action/ Thriller

I did not watch Taken 1 before, i think Taken 2 movie is not bad, glad that i still manage to understand the storyline for Taken 2. This is an action movie, this main lead is really cool in fighting and killing people who kidnap his wife in the movie. Worth to watch it!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bird's Nest Hand Cream

Does anyone tried using this Bird's Nest handcream before? If i'm not wrong, this is a new product by Watsons. This handcream cost $5.90. I'm not sure if this is a good product. I could not find much reviews about this product.
So far i think there isn't any harm towards my hands, usually i use this quite often when i am in the office. It do not have much sticky feel. The handcream liquid looks like gel. When apply on it, its quite cooling actually.
I think my hands may get dry often especially under the aircon. Hope it gives more moisture and brightening to my hands! This product is quite cheap so i'm not really sure if this is a good product.

Whitening & Nourishing Hand Cream
Usage: Apply on appropriate amount of hand cream to hands and gently massage into skin until fully absorbed. Apply whenever necessary.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gangnam Style

Seriously, i do not know anything about the Gangnam Style sang by PSY until i watch this video today~~ Why is he popular? Dance? Sing? I have no idea who is he but everyone seems like noticing him alot. After watching this, i think this mtv looks quite funny with the way he dance.

This is the live version of gangnam style

Eye Masks

Recently, i think that i have not enough rest. I just love surfing online too much. It strain my eyes alot. I feel that my panda eyes has thicken.. oh no.. 

What i can do is to use these eye masks to rest my eyes. I do not know if these really helps me but i feel that i am addicted using this eye mask brand. If i'm not wrong, this brand is from Taiwan. I love the Jelly feel around my eye area. It makes me feel relaxing and each time i put on it, i feel sleepy than usual days.

4 Types of Series (Crystal Wrinkle, Whitening Brightening, Hydrating, Crystal Elastin)

Hydrating Eye Mask

I felt that hydrating eye masks suits me more because every night i am used to sleep with the aircon. I hope it really improve my eyes, sometimes i'm lazy to use this because after 20mins, must be remove before i fell asleep... i need to be hardworking to get beautiful eyes~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Trip

Hi guys, i am back from my KL trip. Heee~ . Quite happy enjoying myself and done some shopping over there.

I went to KL since last Thursday 11.30pm. Taking a coach and arrive at 4.30am in the morning! Its tiring as we could not check in. We could only wait till 2pm for check in. Before 2pm, we are totally homeless... just spend time find places and eating. We manage to sleep at 24 Hrs Macdonald!

These are the overall spending that my boyfriend and me had spend in KL!

Some of the items are really cheaper than in SG. Everything before we buy, we ask for discount, and comparing the prices! Glad that we have manage to bought most of the stuff that we can found it.

Besides shopping, we actually attend someone's wedding dinner. Its my bf's Boss' son marriage helding at KL and that is why we have that great opportunity to go KL.

In our own itenary, we have actually planned to go Sunway Lagoon. We felt that we may not have much time playing around so we purchase for rm80 for (3 in 1 Package = Amusement Park, WilfeLife Park & Waterpark).

This is the water park!
Too bad that some of the water park are still under renovation, but its still alright since there are amusement park & wildlife park. We did enjoy ourselves taking pictures around everywhere.

Taking Pictures with the Big Parrots.

The parrots are quite heavy laying on our shoulder. I am afraid to move about as i'm scared that the parrots will do something to me. Hahaha! We decided to purchase one of the photos from them as we think that it is a memorable gift for us :D. We love it!

After a tiring trip to Sunway Lagoon, its time heading for our lunch. We went to T-Bowl Restaurant which similar like the one in Taiwan "Modern Bowl Restaurant". I felt that the menu has more varieties as compared to Taiwan.

 Total Bill = rm74.60 ($30.08)
We love the meals alot. Quite satisfied as all comes with big portion. The icecream portion is actually much bigger than i ate in Taiwan. I love going to different kinds of theme restaurant, exploring new things around. Wondering when will sg have such restaurants? I would love to go! :) 
Ever since this year, i began to fell in love with My Melody, i will always go around hunting for it. I used to like Kogepan but seems that it dont really exist around already. I think partly because i'm born in the year of rabbit, hahaha but i dislikes Hello Kitty! I think its because so many people are liking the same Cat! LOL!

I  found this Melody box at KL, its quite cheap! All the while what i need is a big box to stuff at my cosmetics/products that i'm using right now. My things are just increasing nonstop~~

My Melody Box