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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Empire State

Its been a long time i have not been to Woodlands Causeway Point, a memory place for my poly sch days as well as my old home area. These few days, the weather seems not very good. Its always raining! It makes people coughing and flu everywhere. I'm wondering when will this weather turns better, at least not raining everyday.

We just simply rot at home playing our iphone and watching movie online, watch the movie Silent Hill. Previously, i have not watch this movie before. My bf intro me this movie and insist that this is a great movie. After watching it, finding it not bad. It will soon release Silent Hill 2 Movie in cinemas in 3D! I will concentrate to watch when i am in cinema, since cinema need to pay $$!

My bf and me decided to go Empire State to have dinner. Last time, we used to eat at Bugis Iluma outlet, but after some renovation at Iluma, Empire State restaurant is not there anymore... Personally, i like this restaurant, the food portion is quite big actually. This whole day, we only spend on 1 meal~! Big saving isn't it? hahaha!

Ice Mocha & Ice Latte

Crab Fat Pasta

Mushroom Swiss Burger

I'm wondering is it my habit of installing many different applications in my iphone. I just continue exploring as much as i can, as long as the app is FREE! I

 have installed an app in my iphone called "Vintique". It has many different effects for pictures. I just try to snap some pictures and try to edit on it. Its COOL!

Say cheese~

Love this pic :)

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