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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Trip

Hi guys, i am back from my KL trip. Heee~ . Quite happy enjoying myself and done some shopping over there.

I went to KL since last Thursday 11.30pm. Taking a coach and arrive at 4.30am in the morning! Its tiring as we could not check in. We could only wait till 2pm for check in. Before 2pm, we are totally homeless... just spend time find places and eating. We manage to sleep at 24 Hrs Macdonald!

These are the overall spending that my boyfriend and me had spend in KL!

Some of the items are really cheaper than in SG. Everything before we buy, we ask for discount, and comparing the prices! Glad that we have manage to bought most of the stuff that we can found it.

Besides shopping, we actually attend someone's wedding dinner. Its my bf's Boss' son marriage helding at KL and that is why we have that great opportunity to go KL.

In our own itenary, we have actually planned to go Sunway Lagoon. We felt that we may not have much time playing around so we purchase for rm80 for (3 in 1 Package = Amusement Park, WilfeLife Park & Waterpark).

This is the water park!
Too bad that some of the water park are still under renovation, but its still alright since there are amusement park & wildlife park. We did enjoy ourselves taking pictures around everywhere.

Taking Pictures with the Big Parrots.

The parrots are quite heavy laying on our shoulder. I am afraid to move about as i'm scared that the parrots will do something to me. Hahaha! We decided to purchase one of the photos from them as we think that it is a memorable gift for us :D. We love it!

After a tiring trip to Sunway Lagoon, its time heading for our lunch. We went to T-Bowl Restaurant which similar like the one in Taiwan "Modern Bowl Restaurant". I felt that the menu has more varieties as compared to Taiwan.

 Total Bill = rm74.60 ($30.08)
We love the meals alot. Quite satisfied as all comes with big portion. The icecream portion is actually much bigger than i ate in Taiwan. I love going to different kinds of theme restaurant, exploring new things around. Wondering when will sg have such restaurants? I would love to go! :) 
Ever since this year, i began to fell in love with My Melody, i will always go around hunting for it. I used to like Kogepan but seems that it dont really exist around already. I think partly because i'm born in the year of rabbit, hahaha but i dislikes Hello Kitty! I think its because so many people are liking the same Cat! LOL!

I  found this Melody box at KL, its quite cheap! All the while what i need is a big box to stuff at my cosmetics/products that i'm using right now. My things are just increasing nonstop~~

My Melody Box

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