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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Eye Masks

Recently, i think that i have not enough rest. I just love surfing online too much. It strain my eyes alot. I feel that my panda eyes has thicken.. oh no.. 

What i can do is to use these eye masks to rest my eyes. I do not know if these really helps me but i feel that i am addicted using this eye mask brand. If i'm not wrong, this brand is from Taiwan. I love the Jelly feel around my eye area. It makes me feel relaxing and each time i put on it, i feel sleepy than usual days.

4 Types of Series (Crystal Wrinkle, Whitening Brightening, Hydrating, Crystal Elastin)

Hydrating Eye Mask

I felt that hydrating eye masks suits me more because every night i am used to sleep with the aircon. I hope it really improve my eyes, sometimes i'm lazy to use this because after 20mins, must be remove before i fell asleep... i need to be hardworking to get beautiful eyes~

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