~Kawaii No Sekai~ かわいいの世界~

Sunday, February 1, 2015

First Adv Birthday 2015

Yesterday, it was my first advance birthday celebration with my secondary school friends. We have to have a great meal at Bistro 1855, i went to google a nice place at suntec area and i found this place. We went to try the food over there and it was so good! Its worth trying the food there.. food portion is so big that i never thought it will be.. I duno how much weight i have gain.. oh no.. haha. but yet its very enjoyable..

Huiting & Cai Li

While waiting for our food~

Pork Knuckle
Lamb Shank
Margherita Pizza
Fish & Chips

Lamb Shank

Spam Fries

Hawaiian Pizza

Every food seems so good! 

Chomel Earrings gift from Wanqi & Cai Li

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Triumph FX Global

How many of you has done foreign currency exchange before? My hubby and me, went to sign up today about investment. The company is Triumph FX Global Asia Pte Ltd. I am not those people who normally does investment, this is my first time getting to know more information through one of my ex colleague. I get to know more of the details about how to earn money. She was introduced by her relatives as they also part of the people who are investing in this company.

Today went to a 2 hour session at Fortune Centre, My ex colleague brought us to the place to get to know more details about the investment and i was very keen to join this thing as u know Singapore is so expensive.. pay alot of things.. paying nonstop.. how to increase more money other than getting monthly salary? I'm glad that i'm able to gain more knowledge through this.. maybe some of my friends might think this is a scam, but currently i don't feel this way as i have people who i feel i can trust. The talk was hosted by my ex colleague's uncle. and if i have any doubts i can ask them directly too.

I don't belongs to high income group but i would like to try and a way to earn more. If anyone is interested can let me know too. Its about daily earning matters.. is like without doing anything.. you will receive your money.. which you will receive email like every working days. I have seen my friend's earning within a month. The earning is in USD which partly attracted me. I shall wait for next 2 weeks to see the results of my earning as being a member , needs to get an ID first. Hopefully everything turn good in 2015!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

World Ventures

Anyone ever heard of World Ventures? Something about saving and earning, yet can travel to nice places?

Recently my hubby and me has share an account to sign up for World Ventures as we like travel alot. Normally we don't belongs to impulsive signing up for stuff but we feel that this is a good try especially to people who likes travel alot. We are still beginners and trying to explore for more. Will do more updates for what we know about :)

If wanted to know more, you may click here! http://www.revo-vacation.com/

If interested, you may refer to the link - http://www.robbyneslyn.worldventures.biz/