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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Birthday Month ~Feb~

I just realize that i have not blog since a year already... and coincidence that my last post is about my birthday.. haha.. feeling bored so start blogging again.. turned 28 years old this month.. been eating alot. i think that i've gain alot of weight.. having lots of gatherings.. nonstop eating. enjoying with friends...exploring new restaurants...new places...

During my first advanced birthday outing, we went for a cafehopping at Tai Seng area. its called 23 Jumpin. Its quite a small place but with great food. a nice try, we have not tried other menu as we will be having a heavy dinner on that day.

American Breakfast? 

Truffle Fries (very big portion for us, didn't expect it can be so full too)

Our dinner place, i had manage to find this eating place. Its called Hungry Heroes, as you can see they had nice decoration for super heroes. 

the combo set for 4 of us! Its definitely worth for meat lovers~! We are very impressed by the food and it taste really delicious. We had no chance to try other food too as this portion is good for 4 people and its so full!!

Its my advanced birthday with hubby at Seorae Korean Restaurant. It was a good one too! Just two of us, and we ate so much! haha! eat first, think later!

compared to Ju Shin Jung, this wasn't nice enough actually as the noodles actually sticking together.

This look similar to Wang Dae Bak but it does not have free flow of eggs.

Side Dishes

Celebrating with friends, the good things is. we can share alot of food with one another! try many different kind of food. Thanks to Nanta Bbq that provides so many dishes and make me recall of Korea. so nice~ wanted to eat someday again..

This is one of their popular dish there. Spare rib set? one of my fav dish!

Cheese topokki 

Crispy Chicken .. such a big portion, that we have 6 people!


Kimchi pancake!

Overall, we didn't expect that the dishes were served so big portions until we need to dabao home. hahaha! worth a try! I did realise that i ate so many korean dishes haha, never get sick of korean food. i just wanted to try everything haha

Lastly, this is the surprise cake i get from my hubby.. because i'm been complaining i wanted to have it.. hahaha

Sunday, February 1, 2015

First Adv Birthday 2015

Yesterday, it was my first advance birthday celebration with my secondary school friends. We have to have a great meal at Bistro 1855, i went to google a nice place at suntec area and i found this place. We went to try the food over there and it was so good! Its worth trying the food there.. food portion is so big that i never thought it will be.. I duno how much weight i have gain.. oh no.. haha. but yet its very enjoyable..

Huiting & Cai Li

While waiting for our food~

Pork Knuckle
Lamb Shank
Margherita Pizza
Fish & Chips

Lamb Shank

Spam Fries

Hawaiian Pizza

Every food seems so good! 

Chomel Earrings gift from Wanqi & Cai Li

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Triumph FX Global

How many of you has done foreign currency exchange before? My hubby and me, went to sign up today about investment. The company is Triumph FX Global Asia Pte Ltd. I am not those people who normally does investment, this is my first time getting to know more information through one of my ex colleague. I get to know more of the details about how to earn money. She was introduced by her relatives as they also part of the people who are investing in this company.

Today went to a 2 hour session at Fortune Centre, My ex colleague brought us to the place to get to know more details about the investment and i was very keen to join this thing as u know Singapore is so expensive.. pay alot of things.. paying nonstop.. how to increase more money other than getting monthly salary? I'm glad that i'm able to gain more knowledge through this.. maybe some of my friends might think this is a scam, but currently i don't feel this way as i have people who i feel i can trust. The talk was hosted by my ex colleague's uncle. and if i have any doubts i can ask them directly too.

I don't belongs to high income group but i would like to try and a way to earn more. If anyone is interested can let me know too. Its about daily earning matters.. is like without doing anything.. you will receive your money.. which you will receive email like every working days. I have seen my friend's earning within a month. The earning is in USD which partly attracted me. I shall wait for next 2 weeks to see the results of my earning as being a member , needs to get an ID first. Hopefully everything turn good in 2015!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

World Ventures

Anyone ever heard of World Ventures? Something about saving and earning, yet can travel to nice places?

Recently my hubby and me has share an account to sign up for World Ventures as we like travel alot. Normally we don't belongs to impulsive signing up for stuff but we feel that this is a good try especially to people who likes travel alot. We are still beginners and trying to explore for more. Will do more updates for what we know about :)

If wanted to know more, you may click here! http://www.revo-vacation.com/

If interested, you may refer to the link - http://www.robbyneslyn.worldventures.biz/

Saturday, December 27, 2014

CNY Goodies

Hi everybody, anyone interested to buy pineapple tarts, almond cookies or peanut cookies? My hubby's aunt is selling homemade cookies.. let me know if interested, we have samples too. Doing Pre order. We able to deliver during Jan month end onwards, towards CNY! It can last for 2 months. Let me know you wanted it. Once interested, do inform me so we can make it ready for u. 

Deposit is 50%

Pineapple Tarts Per Box about 50+ Pieces = $33

This is how it looks like!

Almond Cookies (80Pieces ber box) = $24

Peanut Cookies (80Pieces ber box) = $24
The packaging will be the same as Almond Cookies!

Any questions can ask me. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 is ending, 2015 is beginning

2014 is going to end in a few days' time... I can't wait for 2015 as there are many other things to look forward and also hoping for a better year.

In this year 2014, it wasn't a bad year anyway.. basically i have found new job for this year, done my wedding at Singapore & Tanjung Pinang. I have also went for trips like Krabi, Batam, JB.... hoping for more trips but need to have more money.. I hope that in 2015, i can earn more and more dreams to make it come true.. I feel that through our wedding, we have used up alot of expenses... so its time for us to work even harder to achieve more money in next year! Even though we think that we had spend alot, my hubby and me, are consider quite lucky as my parents in law and some of his relatives even help to sponsor our wedding. Really greatly appreciated, if not i don't think we can make it on this big day for us.

For this year Xmas and New year for 2015, have no idea what to do.. when the moment i start to think of spending lesser..i have no idea what to do other than staying at home...boring right? but hoping as time passes by, i will be able to see a big difference in my cash flow. hahaha!

Next year in 2015, i wish to travel too and also have to consider about our new home arriving in 2016 october which is at Compassvale Cape (Sengkang)... i can't wait to have my own home, but the moment when the flat comes, means bill comes.. so hoping we can even work more harder to gain a better living place. I feel that alot of things/stuff always increasing... its so scary... if everything increases.. we will be having a big difficulties in future.. hoping that, able to do some extra earning business to increase cash flow... and cut cost... and be budget all the way... to grow cash!

Next year, i will be turning 27 on February 7 and is on a sat!. maybe i should buy 4d as 2727 on that day. hahaha! Wish everyone good luck in 2015 too!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Celebrate's friend's belated birthday and christmas exchange gathering

Yesterday, went to celebrate my friend's belated birthday together. we went to have lunch at Yoogane Korean Restaurant. This is my 3rd time i came here with my hubby to eat this. We like it alot. Its great to have friends gathering as we can share the bigger portion of meals together. and it was treat by my birthday friend Jacqueline today! We met up at 12pm+ to have brunch together and we were glad that the queue are not that long. Peak hours will have longer queues..

Jacqueline tasting the kimchi! Super delicious!

My hubby

Cassy aka Moley

The happy me ^_^

After lunch, we were loitering bugis and orchard area, we realise that it was raining heavily outside. glad we did not plan to meet for an outdoor gathering if not we will be wet for the whole day! We went to do window shopping and try some food at Takashimaya. and soon, its dinner time for us at Serenity Spanish Restaurant & Bar located at Takashimaya. This is our first time trying the food at this restaurant. It taste good and expensive too! 


Suckling pig for 1/4 which cost $88 or $88+

Crispy Pork Knuckle (I am no a fan about pork knuckle but this taste so crispy as if you are eating some keropok! It taste good with the sauce. So filling for us!

Squid Ink Paella taste not bad too but its black in colour.. so after eating, make sure no black colour stain on your teeth. haha

After having great meals, time to do some christmas exchange gifts!

Our gifts are all flooded on the dining table including Jacqueline's birthday + Xmas gift! 

Yeah feeling happy receive with gifts!

Jacqueline represent Biqi as she unable to make it for today.

My hubby has presents too!

Cassy is so excited and can't wait to use her selfie stick gift

These are the gifts i've received! 

My hubby is the bags advertiser hahaha

Jacqueline receive her Aurvana Platinum Wireless bluetooth headphone (Creative Brand). She is so happy that she finally can receive her birthday gift from us as we actually bought earlier on. 

After this, we head to somerset 313 to try for Honey creme icecream! Too bad that i am not feeling well and i'm not able to take any icecream. I have tried it anyway, so is ok can come and buy other day again :D

Honey Comb Icecream

Jacqueline and Cassy bought the same flavour. I have tried some and feel not too bad! Quite sweet! I gonna try other flavours other time!

Its the christmas season and Orchard road is full of beautiful decorations and we went around to take pictures. 

This is taken by my Canon camera with cool effects. Love this alot as it looks like take as neoprint! 

Last, a fourfie for us!

group photo taken in Serenity restaurant, Taken by our Canon DSLR with timer mode. Wondering how we snap this photo? Look at the photo below!

My hubby placed the Canon DSLR on top of sofa chair at risk as to snap a group photo of us. Glad the camera didn't drop! 

My hubby & me taken by my friend. Personally i like this photo alot because it was taken by DSLR with attached of LED flash, it tends to make the photo brighter compare to normal flash lights. I didn't know the difference till we hands on. It was my fren's LED flash which cost $200+ plus at IT fair. Hope to get it some other day too but not at this moment. need to do more savings first :D

My frens and in beautiful xmas tree

The swing chair at Orchard Central