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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 is ending, 2015 is beginning

2014 is going to end in a few days' time... I can't wait for 2015 as there are many other things to look forward and also hoping for a better year.

In this year 2014, it wasn't a bad year anyway.. basically i have found new job for this year, done my wedding at Singapore & Tanjung Pinang. I have also went for trips like Krabi, Batam, JB.... hoping for more trips but need to have more money.. I hope that in 2015, i can earn more and more dreams to make it come true.. I feel that through our wedding, we have used up alot of expenses... so its time for us to work even harder to achieve more money in next year! Even though we think that we had spend alot, my hubby and me, are consider quite lucky as my parents in law and some of his relatives even help to sponsor our wedding. Really greatly appreciated, if not i don't think we can make it on this big day for us.

For this year Xmas and New year for 2015, have no idea what to do.. when the moment i start to think of spending lesser..i have no idea what to do other than staying at home...boring right? but hoping as time passes by, i will be able to see a big difference in my cash flow. hahaha!

Next year in 2015, i wish to travel too and also have to consider about our new home arriving in 2016 october which is at Compassvale Cape (Sengkang)... i can't wait to have my own home, but the moment when the flat comes, means bill comes.. so hoping we can even work more harder to gain a better living place. I feel that alot of things/stuff always increasing... its so scary... if everything increases.. we will be having a big difficulties in future.. hoping that, able to do some extra earning business to increase cash flow... and cut cost... and be budget all the way... to grow cash!

Next year, i will be turning 27 on February 7 and is on a sat!. maybe i should buy 4d as 2727 on that day. hahaha! Wish everyone good luck in 2015 too!

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