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Friday, December 12, 2014


Just created my Carousell account last night! I might a bit slow about knowing this website. I start to realise people sell stuff through the app, previously i do not know how it works... actually i realise it work similar kind as compare to Instagram app.. so i just playing it around.. trying to post some of my unwanted nice clothings for sales.. and i was surprise the response is like so fast.. people asking to trade for my clothes! wah that's nice... so basically it can SELL or TRADE!

I feel that this website don't lose to Qoo10 also. it includes 2nd handed clothes or some brand new stuff as well.. continue to search, may search something good and cheaper in stores too! I was surprise to see some item prices is like half prices compared to stores and still in good quality! I started to get addicted to this application! So from now on, if i have any unwanted clothings, i will try to put away instead of stacking everything in storeroom hahaha! A way to get rid of clothings and earn money :D

Feel free to visit my account here! carousell.co/eslyn.ho.9

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