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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm Sick

I have a bad day for today, when i wake up, my left eye is swollen! It shock me as i see the mirror, my white eye area was swollen than tthe black eye area. All the while i have perfect eyes, i do not put on contact lens at all. I was afraid as this is my first time seeing myself in such condition.

Sclera is the white, tough wall of the eye. It along with internal fluid pressure keeps the eyes shape and protects its delicate internal parts. (This is what i found from the website)

I went to see a doctor just a moment ago, the doctor told me that it could be eye allergy. I ask the doctor if she has ever encounter such eye conditions before, she told me YES, but others happen on both of their eyes but mine is on 1 side. She told me that the reason of eye allery might be food causes such as seafood. hmmm i have no idea if the food i ate last night is poison? I ate Sushi Tei yesterday... does it affect? all the while i eat sashimi all these also never really encounter anything. Still kinda confused how can i get it?

Running Nose + Eye Drip Medicatiion from doctor

I have not been to Bedok Hawker Centre long ago.. this is my chance having my breakfast nearby the clinic.

My Breakfast :)

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