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Friday, May 31, 2013


hmmm... i think this sounds weird on me.. if i wana learn baking.. is that surprising? just a random thought of what can i bake? i always think that kitchen is not my best friend... hmmmmm

after looking so many type of cupcakes and cakes.. was wondering if i should try out some? so next time i can help out my hubby to do some business..

i know there are quite alot competitors out there as well... do business. everywhere is competitors.. for my case.. gonna start from scratch.. dun even know how to start .. still wan try baking.. if i really can do baking.. i shall do a kogepan cake for myself.. hahahaha i always wanted 1.. till now hv got any leh..

now my mind is always thinking to earn extra...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cushy Magic Comb

I receive my qoo10 item today. It's only $2.90 including shipping fee.

I bought this comb as it is very cheap. I feel this kind of comb is very good for thicker and long hair girls as this can save alot time combing esp long hair girls often get tangled hair in the morning.. and also wet hair after bathing and i am kinda lazy to use a hair dryer... I always took a long long time to comb my hair.. always drop hair always tangled.. now can save most of the troubles i had..

Under Qoo10. is advertise by Da S..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Insurance Stuffs

Anyone out there familar with Insurance stuff? I wasn't sure about it. I am interested to gain more knowledge about it before i get any package with my hubby.. I think there are many diff packages out there. and also diff companies such as Prudential, NTUC income.. what else? i'm not sure. i only know that prudential is more popular? how about NTUC? any main differences and packages diffferences?

Feel free share with me if you all know any of it..

Need more earnings $$

Just thinking about earning extra income... what can we do to earn more besides having a full time job?

I might be opening online clothing shop.. hmmm i know nothing much about it.. i need to start exploring more about it..

If doing home catering i think need alot procedure such as license kind of stuff. also need to consider about halal.. and also customer liking. seriously i know nothing much about doing a business.. i know that more or less, need to take some risk to see whether if we can earn any profit..

I know that there are many competitors out there. it might be tough at the beginning.. we shall see how we gonna improve on every little parts.. Sg living is very high.. sigh.. money forever no enough..

Sometimes i think that my life isn't gd enough.. but there is always someone might be tougher than me. i always chat with fb friends or whatsapping to know what my friends are doing..

If i really manage to be a successful entrepreneur, my hubby will let me independent handling it.. wish us good luck!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


6 more days to my first BTO appointment..

Compassvale Cape! (Compassvale Cresent)
The map above shows my future home! As you can see, its near LRT & Sengkang MRT.
This is the layout we are targeting as this is the only 4rm layout includes balcony.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Crown Music Box Ktv

Sat noon, i had went to Crown Music Box(Ktv) to sing with my mum, my hubby and my friend Yvonne.

I had bought the vouchers through Deals! Its very cheap only $10 and it included 2 can drinks with $5 food voucher! 4Hrs from 2pm to 6pm. By the way i think it will be my first and last time coming to this horrible kbox...

Actually since like late April, I had purchase the vouchers and it stated that it has to be made 3 days in adv for reservation. I had tried to reserve 1 week ago.. but sad is they said.. vouchers are fully book for the day. Only can be walk in customers!! Oh no!!

I manage to do booking like kind of 3 weeks before to get it! I was afraid if i do not book yet, the voucher date will expire very fast! I requested on a Sat as its a rest day for most of us..

called them like quite few times then manage to get the date i wanted as always mention to me is Fully Book! so i ask them which date is available? and they tell me is 25 May! ok so i came on that day to claim it!

Firstly i thought its a cheap deal located at Bugis. From the appearance of the place, its nice.. but after stepping in.. its Hell!!

When we went in, we are very unhappy with their services! So badly done! These are the points stated below of

Why I Will Not Come Again!!

1) Reach earlier 1.40pm for 2pm Singing appt.. staff mention too early. say we cant go in first.. my mum told them, since we reach first couldn't we start first? They mention if start 1.30 shall end 5.30 if we agreed. I said ok because we wanted to go in the room earlier...

But they made us to wait at the reception area.. telling us to order drinks/food before we enter the room..

By the time we enter the room already 1.45pm. I told my mum if start 1.45pm. Isn't we should end at 5.45pm? My mum told the staff that now is already 1.45pm. Thought it should be counted only the time we step in the room? The staff said "If you wanted to start on time then wait till 2pm." then my mum and Ok we wait!

Wth just that few mind different cant he be flexible? He made us enter late still dont give us that 15min.. so ngiao?

2) When we entered, we didnt know they already place the can drinks on the table and was like so budget dun even have ice water for us.. Ok nvm..

3) We was disappointed with the spoilt lights.. Usually other kbox light can adjust lightning but this is totally spoil! The staff say cant change room cuz all lights are like this! Omg..

4) Sound system is on Top of the ceiling!! Wth!! we have to face the remote up to sense the sensor while selecting songs

5) While finding the singers list.. Realise quite alot singers is not in alphabetical order! Have difficulties Finding songs!

6) Alot songs not updated.. so jialat.. I thought its consider a new place should be attractive enough..

7) Bad sound system.. the staff said if we adjust the mic vol too high, our echo become heavier.. sucks la..

8) Sing till 4.55pm.. song screen suddenly shows Enjoy your Last somg! Thank you! Wa liew... our timing shld end 6pm.. and they deleted our 1 hr song list!! and btw if really end 5pm.. how can it be cut while reach 4.55pm? You expect that song sure end 5pm straight away? Staff didn't ask anything and just simply cut off!

9) While 5pm like that we all started feeling the room gt stuffy smell and realize aircon got auto adjusted lower by staff... we all feel very uneasy as the weird smell auto came out. We purposely requested the staff abt 5.50pm.. The staff told my mum, isit we ask staff to lower down the aircon? Wa lao we never ask at all.. and the staff say we going to end soon now then say.. so what? we are customers. your shop need to save so much electricity???

10) Toilet sucks as well.. its flooded.. whats the use of pasting the note flush it after use?? Sucky toilet bowls!

11) $5 food voucher was for each of us.. i expect that if 4 person can be $20 shared.. and wth they say cannot.. and you know smth? the cheapest of the food dish is $6... they stated small fries $6. large fries $10plus.. My friend wan to order large one.. the staff say dont have! only 1 size! dont have then still put on ur menu for what?

Seriously the staff over there really need have better service.. We sang till 5.55pm.. it auto cut off again.. we purposly stay inside till like 6pm+ then come out.. dont let them think we wanted to leave so soon. I believe people only go for online deals.. i wont step in this horrible place again!

My Hubby & Me
Yvonne & My mum
Me & Yvonne. (I have edited this pic as this was taken by her, kinda dark. without flash light)
Me & Yvonne
My Greedy Hubby
Eating Fries and Sing! Heee

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Natural Sun AQ Super Perfect Sun Cream

Have anyone tried using this item called Super Perfect Sun Cream?

I had randomly saw this item selling at the Face Shop. Previously i was using Loreal brand.. finishing soon so its time to get new one! Its on offer right now. 10% off with member extra 5% off! I bought it at $15+!

Glad that i am a member.. but i still hardly spend things in there.. too many membership cards. haha!

This is what i find online as it says...

Natural Sun AQ (Absolute Quality), a mild sun block product line made from natural plant extracts such as rhubarb plant, argan tree seed and blue sea kale extracts. This line features groundbreaking technology melding the best of both worlds – excellent sun protection and feather light texture through the Optimum Disperse System

No frills. Great for outdoor use
Fresh and non-sticky texture. Feels light when applied on skin

Friday, May 24, 2013

Health Screening

Happy Vesak Day Everyone! Its a public holiday on Friday.. feeling lazy to go elsewhere.. so just slack at home do some housework n took some nap to rest..

Recently i was thinking, shall i go for health screening? I am 25 this year..should i start to do health check ups? is it too early to do so?

I am not sure how does the procedure goes and how long it takes. I will worried to hear any symptoms appearing. Having confuse feelings.. i went online to research some of the packages and realise there are diff kind of packages. I do not know what really suit me. Different type packages has different prices.. If i'm not wrong, either safra or ntuc member can have special package prices but just unsure what really suit myself.. its also another money issue.. sigh...

Today, manage to get to do personal notice board to place at room door. haha. This is a self stick board.. does not require any pin/paper clips.. just place or remove the pics as u like..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Marriage Day

I have install an application in my iphone called wedding planning smth...

i monitor my wedding marriage date by using it. hahaha. no idea what else to prepare yet.. i just tell myself better dont gain weight will do.. if possible to get slimmer..

My Wedding Banquet will be on 6 September 2014 Saturday.. still got 1 year plus to go.. we tried to look out for Auspicious date according to elder pple.. thats why we plan on further away..

Within 2 weeks' time will be selecting BTO unit located at Sengkang Compassvale Cape.. still waiting and waiting.. everyday looking out at Hdb app updates.. to check what unit is being taken.. this is my first time going through this process.. another step to learn.

In the beginning, i have no much idea about it. After hearing some feedback and advices from friends, i realise that there are alot things to look out for.. Eg.. Sun Direction of the unit.. Feng Shui while choosing unit.. depending which block is convenient for usual travel.. eat places.. walking distance.. need to do alot of homework..

as people always say buy a house is not buying a toy.. and renovation as well.. choosing tiles, or contraction work.. gotta bargain and see what is worth. what material is worth for it. alot process to learn.. Even if hdb provide the renovation part. we also need check well if they have did well or just anyhow do it to get the flat done..

My hdb queue number is 103.. currently the queue has reach abojt 50.. glad that currently the units we are targeting has not been taken.. realy glad that we got a great queue number 103/841!!! Heee...

Monday, May 20, 2013

PIXMA MG3170 Printer

Last Sat, my hubby & me bought a new wireless printer. This is my first time getting our first personal printer and its wireless.It can be connected through mobile phone to printer as well. I was looking out for a smaller n easy handling way of printer which includes scan,copy,print and wireless functions! Simply love the colour. Heh Heh.

After doing a few comparisons about printers and we decided to get this brand. We had manage to try few functions. I'm going to explore more about this after i get my home broadband. Having this printer, i can do alot of my things. Heee :D

At first, my friend actually recommended me to get Epson printer rather than Canon as Epson uses 3 ink tank. He told me that canon printer uses 2 ink tank which is colour and black. So if let's say yellow colour run out, we have to change the colour one, but i think it makes no much difference from what i use in my home. My home printer is HP brand. I think that if i get Epson, the size will much bigger. I wanted a portable one so i never intend to get Epson as i find it bulky.

PIXMA MG3170 ($149)

Express your individuality with PIXMA MG3170 now in 3 exciting colours – wine red, white and black. Plus you can now print remotely on demand anywhere in the world with features like intelligent Wi-Fi and AirPrint™
Colour inkjet printer, copier and scanner

  • ISO standard print speed (A4): up to 9.2ipm mono / 5.0ipm colour
  • Prints a 4 x 6" borderless photo in 44secs.

These are the images i found online, i would like to check out the effect for all these which i have not tried yet.

5 fun effects to create artistic effects to your ordinary image.
Soft Focus 
Blur Background

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Solemnization Photography

Hi friends, i have just receive my solemnization photos from my friend. My ROM is actually consider a small event, so i manage to get photographer friend for help!

Photo sessions with Friends & Families!
Thanks for making an effort to come down to see us.
Many Thanks to my friends who bought gifts for us. So touched!
Both our Family! :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rui En's New Adv

This is Rui En's latest adv i saw online! wah cool! i am using this loreal essence youth code product as well. I love loreal products! This product is really good for my skin as before i used this, i feel that my face kinda dry, and maybe some dark area of my face? I will continue to use this item.

My Solemnization 19.04.2013

Hi guys, its been a long time i have not updated my blog down to internet problem...

Recently been busy with lots of stuff since Jan 2013.. busy planning abt Marriage and BTO Units!

I shall share some of my photos here..

19th April 2013 is the biggest day of my life which is my Solemnization Day!

I was very excited for the day and totally nervous for everything. Since January, we have been busy looking out for Bridal shops. I had read alot in the wedding forum and gaining more knowledge abt Marriage stuff. After comparing a few bridal through friends/forum, i decided to take up Digio Bridal. I realise quite a few friends of mine also take up Digio.

Digio Bridal gave me a great impression of them. I was surprise they have 4 level of gowns (which i thought its only 1 level) as its located at Tanjung Pagar Shophouses. We manage to get the package of ROM + photoshoot + Banquet.

On my ROM day, i have to head down to Digo Bridal to do my make up & hair. I was lazy in the morning and never think of using the hair dryer to dry my hair, and it took longer time to make my hair done by MUA. I'm glad that we are not late as we were rushing down after took some time at bridal shop.

I have approach my friend to do my ROM photography services. I was told that the pics will be ready within a month. Finally i am going to collect on coming week.

After bridal make up & hairdo, we are on our way heading to ROM location.
This picture is from my friend.
I love this picture alot. Many thanks to her for creating such a loving picture.