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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Marriage Day

I have install an application in my iphone called wedding planning smth...

i monitor my wedding marriage date by using it. hahaha. no idea what else to prepare yet.. i just tell myself better dont gain weight will do.. if possible to get slimmer..

My Wedding Banquet will be on 6 September 2014 Saturday.. still got 1 year plus to go.. we tried to look out for Auspicious date according to elder pple.. thats why we plan on further away..

Within 2 weeks' time will be selecting BTO unit located at Sengkang Compassvale Cape.. still waiting and waiting.. everyday looking out at Hdb app updates.. to check what unit is being taken.. this is my first time going through this process.. another step to learn.

In the beginning, i have no much idea about it. After hearing some feedback and advices from friends, i realise that there are alot things to look out for.. Eg.. Sun Direction of the unit.. Feng Shui while choosing unit.. depending which block is convenient for usual travel.. eat places.. walking distance.. need to do alot of homework..

as people always say buy a house is not buying a toy.. and renovation as well.. choosing tiles, or contraction work.. gotta bargain and see what is worth. what material is worth for it. alot process to learn.. Even if hdb provide the renovation part. we also need check well if they have did well or just anyhow do it to get the flat done..

My hdb queue number is 103.. currently the queue has reach abojt 50.. glad that currently the units we are targeting has not been taken.. realy glad that we got a great queue number 103/841!!! Heee...

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