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Friday, May 24, 2013

Health Screening

Happy Vesak Day Everyone! Its a public holiday on Friday.. feeling lazy to go elsewhere.. so just slack at home do some housework n took some nap to rest..

Recently i was thinking, shall i go for health screening? I am 25 this year..should i start to do health check ups? is it too early to do so?

I am not sure how does the procedure goes and how long it takes. I will worried to hear any symptoms appearing. Having confuse feelings.. i went online to research some of the packages and realise there are diff kind of packages. I do not know what really suit me. Different type packages has different prices.. If i'm not wrong, either safra or ntuc member can have special package prices but just unsure what really suit myself.. its also another money issue.. sigh...

Today, manage to get to do personal notice board to place at room door. haha. This is a self stick board.. does not require any pin/paper clips.. just place or remove the pics as u like..

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