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Monday, October 15, 2012

3rd Anniversary :)

Last Sat, its my 3rd Anniversary with him. we have already plan for our day :)  that day, it was a last min decision for our lunch. I decided to get online deals from All Deals Asia. I found this deal from Manhattan Pizza, initially i thought it was somehow like Manhatten Fish Market, after looking for reviews and pictures, it attracts me, although the deal didn't discount alot but worth to give a try, since its still consider cheaper than paying in the outlet.

Manhatten Pizza is located at Orchard Central B1, this is my first time trying this, if i did not look for online deals, i will not know about this place. I thought it was a restaurant but it turn out to be a fast food kind of restaurant, ordering from the counter and get your own seats.

Our deal voucher is for ala carte items only, so we are just here to aim for the pizzas, as u can see, the pizza is thin than those in Pizza Hut. I don't really like thick breads which make me feel very full easily. Glad that this place didn't cost too much as we plan abit budget :)  . Overall quite satisfied with the meal, I will come to this "fast food" place again :D

 Manhatten Pizza

Below is our 3rd year anniversary gift Iphone 5! Really enjoying installing apps and playing around with diff kind of applications. This is my first iphone in my life and really very satisfied. I feel that iphone 5 battery life is better than i thought, previous i was using Samsung Ace & the batt gones quickly. Besides that, i carry portable charger where i go, so no worries :)

Our Iphone 5 with Diary casing

For our dinner, we plan to go Carousel Buffet. I have manage to done some research online and this restaurant dishes had capture both of us. We just love fresh awesome seafood~ Although this place is quite expensive, but its worth for our big occassion :) from the pics below, u can see how much we really eat, the portion quite big as well!

Carousel Buffet Dinner

Wondering why we went to raffles place during noon time? Stay tuned... due to the weather, we failed to go! Shall wait for another day! Hehe~!

Taken at Raffles Place (Edited by Me)

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