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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Birthday Month ~Feb~

I just realize that i have not blog since a year already... and coincidence that my last post is about my birthday.. haha.. feeling bored so start blogging again.. turned 28 years old this month.. been eating alot. i think that i've gain alot of weight.. having lots of gatherings.. nonstop eating. enjoying with friends...exploring new restaurants...new places...

During my first advanced birthday outing, we went for a cafehopping at Tai Seng area. its called 23 Jumpin. Its quite a small place but with great food. a nice try, we have not tried other menu as we will be having a heavy dinner on that day.

American Breakfast? 

Truffle Fries (very big portion for us, didn't expect it can be so full too)

Our dinner place, i had manage to find this eating place. Its called Hungry Heroes, as you can see they had nice decoration for super heroes. 

the combo set for 4 of us! Its definitely worth for meat lovers~! We are very impressed by the food and it taste really delicious. We had no chance to try other food too as this portion is good for 4 people and its so full!!

Its my advanced birthday with hubby at Seorae Korean Restaurant. It was a good one too! Just two of us, and we ate so much! haha! eat first, think later!

compared to Ju Shin Jung, this wasn't nice enough actually as the noodles actually sticking together.

This look similar to Wang Dae Bak but it does not have free flow of eggs.

Side Dishes

Celebrating with friends, the good things is. we can share alot of food with one another! try many different kind of food. Thanks to Nanta Bbq that provides so many dishes and make me recall of Korea. so nice~ wanted to eat someday again..

This is one of their popular dish there. Spare rib set? one of my fav dish!

Cheese topokki 

Crispy Chicken .. such a big portion, that we have 6 people!


Kimchi pancake!

Overall, we didn't expect that the dishes were served so big portions until we need to dabao home. hahaha! worth a try! I did realise that i ate so many korean dishes haha, never get sick of korean food. i just wanted to try everything haha

Lastly, this is the surprise cake i get from my hubby.. because i'm been complaining i wanted to have it.. hahaha

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