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Saturday, November 29, 2014

SX 700-HS Canon Camera

Whoohoo! I have my new Canon camera yesterday! The camera that i have requested from my hubby for birthday gift in 2015. I know its too early to receive it but who cares? haha! receive it early so can create alot nice memories as well.. and this camera has quite cool effects compare to other cams i have. I do not have alot of cameras but just still short of 1 handy camera.. Previously 1 yr ago, we have purchase the Canon DSLR camera but i feel that somehow its too bulky for a lady to carry around.. and sometimes became lazy handling as using DSLR is not just about a camera, you need to protect the expensive lens also, not allowed to expose the lens stuff in terms of changing weather... need to take extra care of it. and sometimes have the trouble of keeping and taking out. is like heavy and sometimes just wanted to have a quick snap of items but still need to wait for sometime to adjust stuff for things like that.

So. here this my new camera SX 700 HS! My first red camera :D! Previously i used a sony camera which is 6 years ago? its very old model already so things needs to upgrade right? :D

My hubby bought this canon camera at SITEX IT FAIR which is located at Singapore Expo. Glad that we went there with some of our friends and coincidence that my friends actually knew one of the Canon guy working at the Canon booth! Actually that guy is working in Courts and my friends bought DSLR camera from him for some time ago, and glad that we buy from him. He gave us some free items which is not under my expectation!

The canon guy gave me extra battery, camera case, tripod! others free provided items is inclusive of 2
8gb memory card, card reader, $35 ntuc voucher, screen protector! Another surprise part is, i didn't expect the tripod is bigger than than i thought! It has a tripod bag comes with it!

My super adv Birthday gift (advance for 2 months plus)

My friend is exploring my tripod.. and wow! it looks like so pro kind!

My friend uses the free tripod that is provided to snap for me :D

Another try :D

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