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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Childhood Wedding Montage

Its been a few months i have not updated my blog.. i guess my blog becomes rusty soon.. been so busy as my wedding is done in September 2014. Now is over and i'm back here. i shall update more often again. Blogging really needs alot of time as i need to work also. 

Recently my cousin's friend Wileen wedding is on this Nov month and i am glad to get an opportunity to help her with her childhood wedding montage. I am not perfect in editing but at least it helps right? This is just my first small business and i am so happy about it. Its just like showing the audience of what project that i've done. If anyone is interested, may approach me if you likes it. hahaha i can't be too thick skin as i'm not those super pro in all these montage making but at least i did my best.

Anyway, congrats to the new wed couple Ernie & Wileen. Hope you both really enjoy the video that i've made. All the best to you both! :D

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