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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Body acne problems

Hi people,

Does anyone facing acne issues on body? I have been facing these issues since i was young. I am not why i have having acnes on my upper arm shoulder and back part of my body.. feels irritated by all these. Even i tried to scrub often but it just couldn't go off. I was wondering it was affected by sweating or environment that is dry, i sleep with aircon every night.. feeling confused.. or because i wear sleeve clothes often and my acne was trapped in it?

I am still trying to find a good service that can helps me for all these problems. Having these problems causes me unable to wear sleeveless clothes often..and also, my upper arm area tends to be dark... I have been avoiding the sun light but why it doesn't helps? Maybe i should be more hardworking in applying sunscreen lotion.. but another issue is, will hair affects our skin that makes it darker tone?

I really need to find a way out to cure all these issues :(

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